Stop 3 Hour Parking Limit in Patriotic Street Car Park!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

I attended the Future Hospital presentation at the Radisson Hotel on Tuesday 13th March.

I was surprised and disappointed by the proposal to introduce a 3 hour parking limit at Patriotic Street Car Park. There are currently 700 parking spaces, 25 for Hospital staff and 59 are reserved for hospital patient parking.

Introducing a 3 hour parking limit in Patriotic Street car park will cause significant issues for local residents and commuters alike. The long stay car parks in the area are frequently full to capacity and the nearest alternative, typically with over 300 spaces available is Pier Road car park which is simply too far away. This issue will only increase with the development of the International Financial Centre.

Westaway Court on the corner of Elizabeth Place and Savile Street is soon to be demolished and replaced with clinics for long term patients. This will have only 18 parking spaces including 4 disabled spaces which is insufficient for the demand for these facilities.