Call & Check Scheme

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Call & Check was the brain wave of Joe Dickinson who I had a meeting with earlier this week. It was an interesting discussion as I was keen to learn more about the Call & Check scheme.

Call & Check is a service that offers a regular visit to members of our community; daily, weekly or as agreed for those who would benefit from a bit of extra help and support.

Starting in July 2018 the scheme will be fully operational island-wide funded by the Social Security department. It’s envisaged that people will be referred by their Parish, the Hospital or a Doctor. There will also be a retail option where you or relatives can subscribe to the scheme, which is ideal for family’s living off island who would like someone to check on their relatives.

The pilot scheme was initially funded by Jersey Post back in 2013. This trial was so successful that it is now being adopted in France, Finland, the USA, and the UK.

I was deeply impressed by Joe and his commitment to this service.

To find out more about the Call and Check scheme here -