March 2022

The Friends of the Millennium Town Park
Press Release

We welcome the recent press release by Andium Homes now supporting a town park across the whole of Gas Place to St Saviour's Road. This will provide a green and open park from Bath Street to St Saviour's road.

We are not surprised by this announcement. If we continue to build more and more homes in North St Helier, and that is what is being proposed, then such a policy is only sustainable if we provide an appropriate balance of green and open space in this part of town. The need to do so becomes more compelling when faced with the density of construction being proposed. Higher and higher we go; maximum density; suffocating builds, ever increasing numbers packed in to smaller and smaller spaces.

The early signs of construction suffocation is clear from the current high rise at Ann Street development. New sites are emerging for development to include The Mayfair hotel and the Apollo hotel. We do not feel reassured that these sites will not face the same fate as Ann street.

In 1997 the group collected over 17,000 signatures to create a town park in this area of St Helier. To each and every one of those who signed the petition back then, we can say that your vision can now be realised by extending the park to St Saviour's road.

It is clear and obvious why we need this extension to the town park. They include:

1 The existing millennium town park has proved to be a great success story for St Helier residents, young and old.

2 There is a suggested shift to working from home post Covid lock down. To achieve good mental health balance, green open space is a must.

3 There is likely to be little real cost to the public purse in developing the extension. It is a win, win situation. If Andium undertake the development (and they have given such notice) then we believe that the cost of the extension can be met from their own financial reserves.

4 We have already undertaken the first part of the town park. The knowledge and information learnt from that development should result in reduced costs for the extension.

5 This is a one off opportunity to create a full size joined up town park. We continue it East. We cannot do that with other land in the area.

6 There are obvious environmental and health benefits including mental health from an extended town park of full size.

As we say there are many, many benefits to having a full size town park.

Some people may say that there is a desperate shortage of affordable accommodation and we should be building flats and houses. We agree. But the answer does not lie in creating a concrete ghetto, suffocating those residents.

They may also say that we need a new primary school and / or community centre in North St Helier. If the reports show such a need, we agree. But the answer is to place them on other sites in the area. The town park should be one continuos park area for obvious reasons.

Yours sincerely

10th April 2018

My Declaration in the Jersey Evening Post

jep 10 4 18

5th March 2018

Bernie Manning's Letter to the JEP

jep letter 5 mar 2018

9th February 2018

Bernie Manning's Letter to the JEP

JEP letter 09 Feb 18

19th January 2018

Bernie Manning believes that Andium Homes plans to extend the Millennium Town Park
are a step in the right direction.

M T P 19 jan 2018

21st January 2015

States members vote against petition to stop controversial building development at Gas Place.

M T P 21 sep 2017

20th January 2015

Bernie Manning and Parishioners voted against a proposed housing schemes near the Millennium Town Park.

M T P 20 jan 2015 1

16th September 2014

Bernie Manning, chairman of 'North of St. Helier Association' letter to the JEP.

N O S H A 16 sep 2014

31st July 2014

Bernie Manning suggests that the States offer Jersey Gas a land swap as the company is planning to move to a £7.5 million facility at La Collette.

M T P 31 july 2014


A survey taken by Bernie Manning and the Millennium Town Park Support Group carried out over Easter weekend shows overwhelming support for keeping the cage area for ball sports only and have a dedicated area for skateboarders at the back of the park.

M T P 25 april  2014


Bernie Manning as chairman of the Millennium Town Park Support Group agreed to have a three month trial of skateboarders using the ball cage, however believes it’s in the wrong area.


11th September 2014

Bernie Manning called for more police patrols and higher security measures after two teenagers were sold drugs in the area.

M T P 11 sep 2014

6th January 2010

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4th November 1997

4 nov 97

17th September 1997

17 September 1997.PNG

JEP competition winner

Simon Crowcraft carrying the 17,500 signatures calling for the Millennium Town Park.
With Deputy Jackie Hilton,Bernie Manning and Friends of the Millennium Town Park group

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