My name is Bernie Manning, I was born in St. Helier where I have lived for most of my life. Some of you may know me as the Chairman of the Millennium Town Park Group or from The Variety Sailing Trust of which I was Chairman for 9 years.

I am committed to working towards a vibrant, safe, and pleasant town for the residents of St Helier and visitors alike, as well as a fair, prosperous, caring, and sustainable future.

As an active member of the local community and no newcomer to politics, I feel there are many issues that need to be addressed, such as sustainable population, state schools to meet the needs of the community, family centres to support the families of St. Helier, affordable housing, and the lack of parking available in St. Helier needs to be addressed.

I believe in an integrated all-inclusive Island. In 2011 I helped manage the first Polish Festival and the Polish Charity Weekender for the Victoria Crescent Appeal. I am a forma vice chairman of the St. Helier & Funchal Geminacao committee who are responsible for the Portuguese Food Festival which is attended by a wide range of the community.

Past and Present Community Roles:

Current roles:

  • Member - St. Helier Roads committee
  • Member - St. Helier Accounts committee
  • Trustee - Variety Sailing Trust
  • Chairman - Millennium Town Park group
  • Committee member - Variety the Children’s Charity
  • Union Representative – Communication workers Union

Past roles:

  • Honorary Police Officer
  • St Helier Roads Inspector
  • Shadow Conseil Member
  • Vice President - Jersey Federation of Small Businesses
  • Chairman - St. Helier Retail Group
  • Chairman - Retail Training Network
  • Chairman - Variety Sailing Trust
  • Vice Chairman - St. Helier and Funchal Geminicao

Conseil Municipal for St Helier
If Elected I would support The Connétable and Procureurs du Bien Public to form a Conseil Municipal, which parishioners voted in favour for at a recent parish assembly, St. Helier should be given more control over its parish decision-making, the aim is that the States could transfer additional responsibilities to the Parish, which could be more effectively managed at the local level.

Residents Parking
New housing developments only supplying 0.4 of a parking space per unit of accommodation is impacting on the availability of parking in St Helier, which is causing parking difficulties for visitors and residents alike and needs urgent attention, I would investigate the possibility of a creating a Blue Line running alongside yellow lines that would enable residents to park over night between certain times.

Affordable Accommodation
We need greater access to affordable accommodation for both renters and first-time buyers. This may involve developing further home ownership schemes to help get people onto the housing ladder. The problem is not only for those at the bottom of the property ladder, but also for the older population who might prefer various options of housing other than what is currently available to them. This in turn may free up much-needed housing for families.

Sustainable Population
Introducing work permits would help maintain a sustainable population and address past and present failures to meet policy guidelines the result being insufficient controls and measures. However, population control should not be exercised in a way that jeopardises the health of our economy on which the island’s social policies depend.

Living Wage
I believe Jerseys Minimum wage should be the same as the living wage which in January 2022 was £11.27. I would lobby that the living wage was implemented in Jersey, however there would have to be a transition period to enable businesses to plan ahead.

Reasons for a Living Wage

For the Employers:
Paying a living wage may lead to improved productivity, increased employee loyalty, and decreased costs associated with absent staff, training, and recruitment. Paying a living wage is one-way employers can show the community that they value their employees.

For the Employees:
Earning a living wage provides income to cover modest living expenses and can reduce financial stress. This can lead to improved health, improved morale at work, increased support for healthy child growth and development, reduced barriers to social inclusion, and an overall improvement in the quality of life for the worker and their family.

For the Community:
A living wage can support residents in being healthier, happier, and more engaged members of society. A living wage can lead to increased consumer buying power, which should help grow the local economy.

BUT… How can increasing the cost of doing business be good for business?
By paying employees a living wage, employers are making a statement about the values that drive their business, and their commitment to fair and decent working conditions.

When workers earning, lower wages have more money to spend, they spend it, almost entirely, in the local community. When consumer spending grows, businesses thrive, earn more profits, and create more jobs.

The Parish of St Helier and the Government have signed up as living Wage Employers:

Certified Living Wage Employers are seen as responsible business leaders committed to the growth of the community and the local economy, by creating workplaces that encourage increased productivity, dedication, and employee health and wellbeing.

Workplace Pension
I would lobby that all employers must offer a workplace pension scheme similar to that of the U.K, i.e., if you are between 22 years of age and retirement age and earn over £10.000, to maintain a decent standard of living in later life, everyone needs to be encouraged to save for their own retirement and not rely on the states pension. In 15 years’ time there will be an estimated 29,000 people over the age of 67, whose only income will be a state’s pension without a private pension.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)
I’m not in favour of the GST but until we find an alternative revenue GST will probably need to stay but should not rise above 5% and removed from essential items such as food as soon as possible.

We must accept that we will never recapture the past glories of our tourism industry. However, with special interest holidays focused on our heritage and the natural beauty of our island, tourism can still flourish but requires more help from the States.
Education & Young People
Jersey has excellent education facilities, but there needs to be more investment in the state education system as a priority, Higher education/retraining for a wide range of jobs in the local community which will reduce the need for workers to be sourced off island.

Upkeep of States Property
The States need to keep all its properties in good repair, The Opera House, Fort Regent, and The Folie Inn, are just a few that spring to mind that should never have been allowed to deteriorate as they have been.

Island Wide Mandate
If elected, I will campaign to bring Senators back with the Island wide mandate in time for the 2026 election.

There are no miracle cures or quick solutions to these problems, but with your vote I will fight your corner to ensure that your future and your Children’s future is protected.

My politics are not about left v right; I believe effective politicians need to work together for the benefit of St Helier and the Island no matter what their political persuasion.

If you, the parishioners elect me as a Deputy for St Helier South you will have someone with the experience and knowledge to deal with the complex issues our States Members are expected to deal with.

I am asking for your support and hope that you will consider me for one of your votes.

If elected, I pledge to the residents of St. Helier South to

  • Serve to the best of my ability, and to make informed and considered decisions.
  • To ask the question you want put forward.
    To be an effective representative of the community and create change.
  • To strive for fair treatment for all.

If you want a Deputy who has a track record of listening and championing the wishes of the people of St Helier, please use one of your votes for Bernie Manning. X